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The Tremé 

is one of the oldest African-American neighborhoods in America, and where jazz was born. Some of the world's greatest musicians have come from Tremé, and despite a history filled with racial, social and economic adversity,  it has always stayed cohesive by holding onto its cultural heritage.  


In Tremé, community is an extension of family.

Ultimately it was the city itself that decided that Shorty was not going to "fall through the cracks."

As he now says, "New Orleans raised me."

This story is much larger than any one individual;

it's about the power that community and culture have to transcend and heal.


The characters that inhabit this magical, musical place may have their flaws but they each have a sense of nobility about them and will play a key role in shaping Shorty's life.



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Something Beautiful - Trombone Shorty
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