Shorty's experiences as a child mirror the same challenges that young people face in underprivileged and underserved  neighborhoods all across America. Shorty's narrative provides an opportunity to teach these young people, in a very real and relatable manner, the importance of developing skills and traits that can be used to set them up for success in life and achieve their dreams:  Confidence, responsibility, ingenuity and dedication.

Although anchored in a message of positivity and hope, the show's narrative will also at times tackle heavier issues such as dealing with conflict, coping with loss, and addressing social inequities that plague our inner cities. 

Shorty's life story teaches kids facing these same issues how to look inward to break out... 

And in this space; this place of dreams... Know they too can create their own futures.



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It's important for the show to not just talk about pursuing dreams and opportunities but to also create them.

We will partner with the Trombone Shorty Foundation to provide paid internships and apprentice programs within our production team; both in front and behind the camera.

Exposing kids from diverse backgrounds to career paths in the arts and entertainment industries is part of the team's mission.

Real-world impact through hands-on experience.


Music will be the lifeblood that runs through the narrative and will provide an incredible opportunity to showcase the musical talents found in New Orleans... Especially the talented young kids that Troy mentors through his academy. 

The series will also offer up the possibility of cameos by some of Troy's more well-known musical collaborators. This is an organic opportunity for other major artists in the music industry to get involved in Troy's mission of creating meaningful impact on young people's lives through the power of music.



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