5 o'clock band


Is a strong-willed, smart, and confident young girl. She's a bit more mature than the guys so nothing gets past her. In many ways she serves as the adult of the group, being able to communicate well with an older audience and has the street smarts that the boys are still working on.

Twin plays a mean clarinet that sails high above the sounds of the other instruments with an other-worldly feel.

When it’s time to get paid, Twin makes sure that’s handled.

She has a saucy attitude and doesn’t back down from anyone or anything. Sometimes that gets her in a bit of trouble, but ultimately she earns other’s respect.


Travis is all heart. He has a little more of the street smarts than the other kids and is also Shorty's best friend. They've known each other since birth and have lived on the same block their whole lives. Travis plays trumpet and often serves as the counterpoint to a more serious and focused Shorty. He likes to clown around and get the audience involved; the hallmarks of a true showman. But there is also a side of Travis that is prone to getting himself into difficult situations.

He hasn’t quite figured out when to hold his tongue, so Shorty, at times has to step in and serve as a good example.

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Sammy was born to play the drums. He will play anything he can get his hands on and make it sound rhythmic- buckets, coke bottles, or a street sign. And like so many great New Orleans drummers, he got his start by placing thumbtacks on the bottom of his shoes and tap dancing for tourists in the French Quarter. In every great New Orleans band, a funky drummer holds down the groove.

Sammy is the next in a long line of them.


Is the tuba player of the group. He's large for his age but as gentle as can be. He's fiercely loyal, especially when it comes to Troy, who gave him the chance to play in the band. Like all tuba players, he stays in the back of the band and holds down the “bottom” of the groove, making the music very danceable. Because he is bigger than the other kids, he keeps an eye on his bandmates and makes sure that no one messes with them. He’s a gentle giant, but one you don’t want to cross.

This little band is like family to him. When things get tough at home he finds refuge in his music and playing with these friends.

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