Is the main character of our show and represents Troy as a young boy.  He was given a trombone at age 4 and the rest, as they say, is history.

Shorty is a sponge, he observes and absorbs everything around him.

He's joyful, curious and has a very vivid imagination. 

Shorty embodies the talent, wisdom and dedication Troy was blessed with as a kid. 

Shorty's a natural born leader. His dreams will soon become realities; Playing for kings, queens, and packed arenas all over the world.


The 5 O'Clock Band was Shorty's first group, which he formed and led at age 6. Modeled after the older brass bands that paraded through the Tremé, these young musicians started out by creating instruments out of found objects (a cardboard box for a drum, a Big Wheel as a tuba, etc). On the often tough streets of New Orleans, the 5 O Clock Band looked after one another, learning early on the power of collaboration and community. Each bringing their unique personalities and talents to the table.

Their music is a representation of our democracy functioning at its best--unique voices joining together to create something that's far greater than the sum of its individual parts.

These young musicians learned that lesson at a very early age, and Shorty has kept this ideal close to his heart ever since.


Colorful, soulful and unique...

The following group of people are the cornerstone of this tight-knit community and will have a huge influence on Shorty's life. 

Each sees a piece of themselves in Shorty and will do their part to make sure he succeeds.


Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 11.19.15.png

These old timers are more than just a jazz band. They represent all that's right with New Orleans, it's through them that Shorty learns the value of legacy. He views them as a fountain of knowledge; a bridge to another time. 

When they roll through the neighborhood Shorty's right there, on the street, soaking up their moves and sounds. These characters and their music will have a profound impact on the way Shorty sees, hears and plays music to this day.


Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 11.49.18.png

These are the older cats you always see sitting out on any given corner in New Orleans. Funny and witty; they've seen it all. These guys are, in their own minds, the Tremé brain trust. They're always together and up in everybody's business.

What a sight to behold; dragging their respective chairs to the same corner at the same time every morning in pseudo-synch. Always leaving one chair empty for their old pal Big Walt... God rest his soul.

Although they've seen a lot of hardships in their lives, humor rules the tone in this bunch. In spite of their ages this is a spunky crew.

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Something Beautiful - Trombone Shorty
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